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Moishe Simon |

As a new immigrant to Toronto, i was struck by Moishe friendly manner of always looking out for other people and helping/giving advice in any way possible. One of the major advantages that i feel benefited me most, was the fact that you were constantly available – all the way from the first minute, when we wanted to know whether it was feasible for us to look into this purchase or not – all the way to the very last minute when we were approved and had to go down to the bank to sign the papers. You were available and happy to answer our question all day and, if we needed, even at 10.00pm!
As you have such extensive knowledge in the mortgage field, you were able to get us a rock bottom rate with excellent terms and conditions! You had all the knowledge at you finger tips to get us the best deal under that circumstances that we were in! And you were constantly available to deal with us – this made you our dream mortgage broker! We are so happy!
Thank you very much for such a nice, warming and seamless process, 
wishing you all the best,